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About Rose & Wesley

It all began one beautiful, rainy, Saturday  morning. The day I had waited 7 years for finally arrived; I was about to be a mother! Little did I know just how much this tiny human being would change everything about me. It was inevitable though, he was arriving today, and I was oblivious to what my future really looked like. Things were touch and go the closer we got to his arrival. When people tell me how my children are little miracles, I long to sit them down and tell them just how true that statement really is. Our first miracle arrived on a late September night. He was overwhelmingly handsome, so tiny, and so incredibly perfect. From that day forward I was someone's mommy, and I held the responsibility of making sure this helpless baby learned everything he needed to make it in this big ol' world. If that doesn't change a person, I'm not sure what can.

Nine months later, we were expecting another tiny miracle! This time, things weren't so "touch and go". Everything about this pregnancy was what most people would consider "normal". With 17 months between them, our little boy had a baby sister. He has loved her from the day she was born. When he saw her for the first time he hugged and kissed her as if he knew her already. Like with every sibling relationship, we do have moments of jealousy, but mostly it's love, kindness, and anything that makes her laugh. They love each other so very much, and they are more than I could have ever hoped for them to be. These two babies were gifts to me, gifts I prayed for, gifts I thought at times would never arrive. These two babies are full of personality, full of excitement, and they are my greatest accomplishments. They are nothing shy of a miracle.

Rose & Wesley began because of my babies. I started making clothes for each of them while they were still newborns. I love sewing, and I love sewing for them. However, children can only have so many clothes. I started this business, not only to contribute financially to my family but also as something for my children to learn from as they grow older. I want to leave an impression on my children, that they can do, and become anything! With corporate America being the goal for most young adults these days, I want to offer something bigger and better for my two. I want them to see their mom doing something she enjoys, and being successful at it, without sacrificing family time. Leading by example is the only way to lead. Rose & Wesley is my attempt to lead by example.

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